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dale's resume
dale's resume

ignore this: hash-0a2afa4a0204c9flc7a6dbbef6a74cce4-visible@woolridge.org

On 31 March 2004 (again on 6 April 2004), the addresses below (href and visible) received spam, whereas the ones above (href and visible) did not. While this is an effective technique now (as with so many), it's easy enough for harvesters to circumvent. Likely, they'd only make the effort if enough people did the same thing. Are any harvesters even parsing strings like "foo at bar dot com"?

On 28 April 2004, the visible address below (not the href) received spam. Again, nothing for the above addresses has yet to arrive and I don't expect any for a long time to come. Why? Because there are sufficiently many dumb people out there creating/generating web pages (list archivers are the worst culprits) with little thought given to the publication of email addresses. You cannot escape axiom 1.

On 1 May 2004, the href address below (not the visible) received spam (twice).

As of 8 May 2004, both addresses seem to be receiving identical spam simultaneously. Some spam software must doing partial grouping based on domain or site grouping.

ignore this too: hash-lobster-trap-visible@woolridge.org

ignore this too: dale.woolridge@gmail.com